• Preclinical and OEM RNA & DNA synthesis

    Preclinical scale and OEM RNA & DNA synthesis

    Quality custom oligonucleotides for research and preclinical applications

    Our preclinical/OEM manufacturing service provides academic and industry partners with an ISO 9001-certified facility, cost-effective and timely oligonucleotide materials for novel research (in vitro) thru preclinical use (in vivo). .

    With an ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility and a highly trained and dedicated custom oligonucleotide synthesis team, Dharmacon offers:

    • Preclinical scale synthesis (50 mg to multiple grams) of both RNA and DNA oligonucleotides synthesized by our proprietary 2’-ACE or traditional 2’-TBDMS chemistry
    • An extensive selection of chemical modifications such as modified nucleobases, phosphorothioates, linkers, spacers, and fluorescent dyes
    • Customization and contract production, including OEM oligonucleotide reagents to meet customer needs

    Are you interested in a preclinical/OEM custom service? To get started, please Request Pricing with our custom oligonucleotide synthesis form. For further assistance, please contact Technical Support