• Custom DNA Synthesis

    Custom DNA Synthesis

    Use our convenient online tools to order the custom DNA oligo that fits your experimental needs. Whether you are in need of primers for PCR, DNA donor oligos for gene editing using homology-directed repair (HDR), or something in between, we enable your research with custom DNA up to 150 bases in length.

    DNA synthesis capabilities supports applications which may require:

    • DNA donor oligos for CRISPR-Cas9 HDR
    • Primers and templates
    • Multiple stabilizing modifications for research specific needs
    • Order Single-strand DNA

      Custom DNA synthesis of up to 150 bases at either 0.05 nmol or 1.0 µmol scale, with the option of HPLC purification.

    • Order Multiple Single-strand DNAs

      Use this online tool to order multiple custom DNA oligos with the same characteristics (scale, purification, 5’ modification)

    Gene editing utilizing HDR at the EMX1 locus with multiple DNA donor oligo options

    U2OS integrated Cas9 cell line

    A U2OS integrated Cas9 cell line was plated at 10,000 cells per well (96-well plate) and transfected with synthetic crRNA:tracrRNA and DNA donor oligo using DharmaFECT DUO. HDR insertion efficiency at the EMX1 locus was analyzed 72 hours after transfection. Percent HDR was calculated using an RFLP assay with NheI restriction digestion of EMX1 PCR amplicons.

  • Midscale and OEM RNA & DNA synthesis