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    siGLO Controls

    EFluorescent controls are effective tools for visualizing transfection success.

    Fluorescent controls are useful for visual indication of delivery, and when combined with functional knockdown assessment, provide a useful tool for optimization.

    siGLO Positive controls will effectively silence the indicated gene, and result in punctate cytoplasmic fluorescence. All are labeled with DY-547 (Cy3 analog). siGLO RISC-Free Control is a DY-547-labeled negative control that can also be co-transfected with functional siRNAs.

    siGLO Transfection Indicators are unique non-RISC engaging molecules that localize to the nucleus, providing a distinct visual indication of transfection success. They are available with either DY-547 (Red) or 6-FAM (Green).

    Choose from positive control siRNAs or our novel transfection indicators

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