siGENOME RISC-Free Control

An effective RNAi transfection control that will not be taken up by RISC. Provides a reliable baseline for cellular response to lipid-RNA complexes.
siGENOME RISC-Free Control is chemically modified to impair processing and uptake by RISC, allowing researchers to isolate cellular effects related to siRNA transfection. As lipid transfection reagents typically rely on charged interaction with the nucleic acid payload, transfection controls using siGENOME RISC-Free are recommended over the use of transfection reagent alone for a more accurate assessment of baseline cellular response.


  • Chemical modifications impair uptake and processing by RISC
  • Useful to isolate cellular effects related only to siRNA transfection
Shipping ConditionAmbient
Stability at Recommended Storage ConditionsAt least 12 months
Storage Condition-20 C


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