siGENOME Cyclophilin B Control siRNA

A validated positive silencing control targeting the Cyclophilin B (PPIB) gene in human, mouse, or rat cell lines. Useful for determination of optimal RNAi experimental conditions

siGENOME Cyclophilin B Control siRNA is a validated positive control, guaranteed to silence cyclophilin B in human, mouse, or rat cells. siGENOME positive control siRNA designs are highly functional, chemically synthesized, and mostly unmodified siRNA duplexes that allow positive silencing for validation of experimental design and detection methodologies.

Also known as peptidylprolyl isomerase B (PPIB), cyclophilin B is associated with the secretory pathway. This gene is abundantly expressed in most cells and because it is non-essential, knockdown of the corresponding mRNA does not affect cell viability.


  • Targets accession numbers: NM_000942 (Human) , NM_011149 (Mouse), and NM_022536 (Rat)
  • Validated, unmodified positive control siRNAs deliver guaranteed silencing
Shipping ConditionAmbient
Stability at Recommended Storage ConditionsAt least 12 months
Storage Condition-20 C