siGENOME Controls Complete Kit

Eleven cross-species, validated siRNA controls provided at 5 nmol quantity. Includes positive and negative RNAi controls, labeled transfection indicator, and a negative control for assessing baseline transfection effects.
siGENOME Controls Control Kit contains positive control siRNAs to provide positive silencing for validation of experimental design and detection methodologies, and Non-Targeting and RISC-Free negative control siRNA reagents distinguish general cellular responses to delivery methods and potential off-target effects from siRNA-mediated sequence-specific silencing. Additionally, the kit provides siGLO Green Transfection Indicator, a unique fluorescent control which localizes to the nucleus, and TOX Transfection control, which causes cell death upon successful transfection into most cell types, providing a simple method for assessment of transfection efficiency. Your choice of a fluorescent positive control targeting Lamin A/C is also included.


  • A single kit providing eleven validated controls for human, mouse, or rat cells
  • 5nmol quantity of each control suffiicent for numerous optimization experiments
  • Includes your choice of species-specific or cross-species fluorescent Lamin A/C positive control


Choice of One Lamin A/C:

  • siGLO Lamin A/C Control siRNA (Human/Mouse/Rat; K-002800-C2-01)
  • siGLO Lamin A/C Control siRNA (Human; K-002800-C2-02)
  • siGLO Lamin A/C Control siRNA (Mouse; K-002800-C2-03)
  • siGLO Lamin A/C Control siRNA (Rat; K-002800-C2-04)
Shipping ConditionAmbient
Stability at Recommended Storage ConditionsAt least 12 months
Storage Condition-20 C