siSTABLE Cyclophilin B Control siRNA - Human

A validated positive control siRNA with stabilizing modifications for use in experimental settings with high nuclease activity. Silences human cyclophilin B.

siSTABLE Cyclophilin B Control siRNA is a validated positive control, guaranteed to silence cyclophilin B in human cells. This control siRNA is chemically modified to significantly extend siRNA stability and is recommended for use as a positive control in experiments using siSTABLE-modified siRNA against a target gene or where increased stability of the siRNA is desired.

Also known as peptidylprolyl isomerase B (PPIB), cyclophilin B is associated with the secretory pathway. This gene is abundantly expressed in most cells, and because it is non-essential, knockdown of the corresponding mRNA does not affect cell viability. Targets accession number NM_000942.


  • Experimentally validated for consistent, potent silencing of cyclophilin B in human cells
  • Chemically modified to significantly extend siRNA stability
  • Suitable for use in experimental settings with high nuclease activity
To request a larger quantity or in vivo processing of this control product, please email Technical Support, or call 1-800-235-9880. International customers, please call 303-604-9499 or your local Sales Representative.
Shipping ConditionAmbient
Stability at Recommended Storage ConditionsAt least 12 months
Storage Condition-20 C
Highly stable in 100% serum

Stability of siSTABLE siRNA in 100% Human Serum

Highly stable in 100% serum

The siSTABLE modification pattern dramatically extends the half-life of siRNA in the presence of 100% human serum. Unmodified siRNA degrades almost immediately while siSTABLE siRNA maintains integrity for up to 5 days.

Potent PPIB silencing

Potent Silencing by siSTABLE Cyclophilin B siRNA

Potent PPIB silencing

Western analysis of Cyclophilin B protein in HeLa cells was performed 96 and 120 hours after transfection with 100 nM of the indicated siRNAs: siSTABLE Non-Targeting siRNA #1 (D-001700-01, Lanes 1 and 4), siGENOME Cyclophilin B siRNA (D-001136-01, Lanes 2 and 5), and siSTABLE Cyclophilin B siRNA (D-001710-02, Lanes 3 and 6). Transfections were performed in 96-well plates with 5 x 103 cells/well and 0.2 µL DharmaFECT 1/well.