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    RNAi Controls

    Critical to any gene silencing or microRNA modulation experiment, RNAi controls enable accurate interpretation for reliable, reproducible results.

    Recommended controls for use in RNAi experiments

    • Positive control
      • Validated RNAi reagents to optimize and monitor efficiency of delivery across experimental replicates, conditions or cell types.
    • Non-targeting negative control
      • An RNAi reagent with a non-targeting sequence to provide a baseline reference for target-specific knockdown and distinguish sequence-specific silencing from non-specific effects.
    • RISC-Free™, Empty Vector or mock transfection
      • A specialized control or experimental condition that lacks a fully functional RNAi component to detect non-RNAi cellular effects (toxicity or gene expression changes) caused by the transfection or transduction.
    • Fluorescent Controls
      • Fluorescent dye-labeled controls, including novel nuclear-localizing Transfection Indicators permit correlation of signal intensity with optimal siRNA/microRNA transfection conditions.

    siRNA Controls

    • ON-TARGETplus Controls

      Validated positive controls and non-targeting negative controls utilizing patented modifications for optimal specificity. Available as pools or single siRNAs.

    • Accell Controls

      Effectively optimize Accell siRNA delivery conditions with fluorescent or unlabeled positive and negative controls. Kits of validated controls available.

    • siGENOME Controls

      A robust selection of validated positive, negative, and novel RISC-Free® controls to effectively assess all aspects of RNAi experiments.

    • Lincode Controls

      Endogenous lncRNA positive control and non-targeting control siRNA and pool reagents for high-confidence experiments.

    • siGLO Controls

      Fluorescent controls are effective tools for visualizing transfection success. Choose from positive control siRNAs or our novel transfection indicators.

    • Reporter Genes, siSTABLE & other Controls

      Choose from siSTABLE-modified controls, siRNA for silencing reporter genes (GFP, Luciferase, etc.) or other experimental needs.

    shRNA Controls

    microRNA Controls

    Accell Control siRNA Kits

    A tool set to assess and optimize Accell technology in your cell type, and to ensure effective controls during initial gene silencing experiments with Accell siRNA reagents.

    Each kit contains:

    • Accell GAPD Control siRNA (Human, Mouse, or Rat)
    • Accell Cyclophilin B Control siRNA (Human, Mouse, or Rat)
    • Accell Non-targeting siRNA #1
    • Choice of Green or Red Accell Non-targeting siRNA
    • 5X Buffer
    • Accell siRNA Delivery Media

    siGENOME Control Kits

    A comprehensive array of siRNA control reagents for use in any siRNA experiment.

    Each siGENOME Controls Basic Kit contains 5nmol each of:

    • siGENOME Lamin A/C Control siRNA (Human, Mouse, or Rat)
    • siGENOME Cyclophilin B Control siRNA (Human, Mouse, or Rat)
    • siGENOME Non-targeting siRNA #2
    • siGENOME Non-targeting siRNA #5
    • siGENOME RISC-Free Control siRNA
    • siGLO Green Transfection Indicator
    • siGENOME Non-targeting siRNA Pool #2

    Each siGENOME Controls Complete Kit additionally contains:

    • Three additional siGlo control siRNAs
    • TOX Transfection Control

    Which RNAi control is best for you?

    Use the guide below to help determine which RNAi control is best for your research needs.

    Product Line Endogenous
    Positive Control
    Exogenous Positive
    siRNA siGenome siRNA Lamin A/C, PPIB, GAPD Non-targeting,
    ON-TARGETplus siRNA PPIB, GAPD Non-targeting
    Accell siRNA PPIB, GAPD eGFP Non-targeting
    siSTABLE siRNA PPIB, GAPD Non-targeting
    siGLO siRNA Lamin A/C, PPIB RISC-Free
    siGLO Transfection Indicators
    Reporter gene controls RLuc,FLuc,GPF,b-glal,
    GL2 and GL3 Luciferase
    Lincode siRNA GAS5 Non-targeting
    shRNA SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNA PPIB, GAPD Luciferase Non-targeting, empty vector
    SMARTvector Inducible shRNA PPIB, GAPD Non-targeting
    GIPZ Lentiviral shRNA EG5,GAPD Non-targeting, empty vector
    TRIPZ Inducible Lentiviral shRNA GAPD Non-targeting, empty vector
    TRC Lentiviral shRNA eGFP Empty vector
    microRNA shMIMIC Lentiviral microRNA PPIB, GAPD Non-targeting, empty vector
    shMIMIC Inducible microRNA PPIB, GAPD on-targeting
    miRIDIAN microRNA Mimics miR-122,3' UTR controls Negative Control
    miRIDIAN microRNA Hairpin Inhibitors miR-16 Negative Control

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