• World Class RNA Research in Colorado: Past, Present, and Future

    A look inside the University of Colorado’s RNA Club

    World Class RNA Research in Colorado: Past, Present, and Future

    RNA Club is an informal monthly meeting of RNA scientists organized by students in the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Biochemistry Programs. Founded in 1986, it continues to unite academic and industry RNA researchers for informal presentations and discussion of current work in the RNA community. Over the years, participants have witnessed and fostered developments in the areas of self-cleaving introns, ribozymes, aptamers, RNAse P, RNA interference, microRNAs, riboswitches, CRISPR-Cas9, and more.

    The RNA Club and Dharmacon – a shared history

    The Dharmacon business was founded in 1995 based on RNA synthesis research conducted at the University of Colorado at Boulder; custom RNA synthesis remains one of its key business areas. We have proudly sponsored RNA Club since the inception of Dharmacon and scientists continue to present our latest research at the meetings. The club, originally proposed by Olke Uhlenbeck, is supported and encouraged by leaders in the field, including Tom Cech, Roy Parker, John Rinn, Jay Hesselberth, Jeffrey Kieft, and Richard Davis. Not only is this community thriving, it is growing, as RNA Club recently expanded to join with researchers at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus in the RNA Bioscience Initiative. For more information on RNA Club at CU Boulder, contact Otto Kletzien.

    Additional Resources

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