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Why are my Yeast Tet-promoters Hughes Collection (yTHC) strains growing in the absence of uracil in the media if they are auxotrophic for URA3?

The strains are supposed to be URA3+ because this is the selectable marker included in the CMV-tTA* cassette. This information is listed in the Hughes 2000 Cell paper: Hughes TR, Marton MJ, Jones AR, Roberts CJ, Stoughton R, Armour CD, Bennett HA, Coffey E, Dai H, He YD, Kidd MJ, King AM, Meyer MR, Slade D, Lum PY, Stepaniants SB, Shoemaker DD, Gachotte D, Chakraburtty K, Simon J, Bard M, Friend SH. Functional discovery via a compendium of expression profiles. Cell. 2000 Jul 7;102(1):109-26

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