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What is the yeast Y800 genotype (HA-tagged background)?

The yeast Y800 genotype is as follows: [MATa leu2-D98cry1R/MATalpha leu2-D98CRY1 ade2-101 HIS3/ade2-101 his3-D200 ura3-52 caniR/ura3-52CAN1 lys2-801/lys2-801 CYH2/cyh2R trp1-1/TRP1 Cir0] carrying pGAL-cre (amp,ori, CEN, LEU2) Burns, N., Grimwade, B., Ross-Macdonald, P.B., Choi, E.-Y., Finberg, K., Roeder, G.S., and Snyder, M. 1994. Large-scale characterization of gene expression, protein localization and gene disruption in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Genes & Dev. 8:1087-1105.

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