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What does the Yeast ORF sequence score mean?

The Excel data file for this collection has the following sequence scores: 1 = ORF fully sequenced, contig 2 = sequence from both ends but does not cover entire ORF. 3 = indicates that a difference from the sequence reported in SGD was identified, but that the same difference was identified in at least two independent PCRs and clonings, thus it is thought to be a real difference and not a polymerase-induced error. Whatever alteration, it is does not affect the reading frame or prevent the C-terminal tag from being fused to the protein. The reason for these differences is likely one of two things: 1) it is a strain polymorphism between the S288C strain cloned from (BY4700, the WT strain that the deletion collection was made in) and the S288C strain that was sequenced, or 2) the systematic sequence has an error at that position.

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