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What is the difference between SMARTvector 2.0 Lentiviral shRNA Particles and SMARTchoice products?

The SMARTvector 2.0 lentiviral backbone is constructed with the human CMV promoter to drive expression of TurboGFP, the puromycin resistance gene and the shRNA. The SMARTchoice platform now extends the utility of the original lentiviral vector by allowing for semi-customization of the SMARTvector 2.0 backbone. It is now possible to order SMARTvector lentiviral particles with your choice of seven different promoters (human and mouse CMV, human and mouse EF1a, CAG, PKG or UBC) and two fluorescent reporters (TurboGFP or TurboRFP) for increased shRNA expression in more cells of interest.

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