How can I make/design my own shRNA?

At this time we do not offer a custom design/synthesis service for shRNA constructs. However, there are a couple of resources available to design shRNA constructs. One is the RNAi Codex website: We don't guarantee the results, but you may also refer to the following paper detailing the protocol for cloning shRNA into pSM2. This protocol can also be used for cloning shRNA into the TMP, LMP, pSMP and pTRIPZ vectors as the cloning sites (XhoI, EcoRI) are the same: Paddison, P et al (2004) 'Cloning of short hairpin RNAs for gene knockdown in mammalian cells' Nature Methods Vol 1:2, 163-167 Please note that the protocol in the Paddison publication is different from our protocols for subcloning shRNAmir (available in the TMP, LMP, pSMP, pGIPZ or pTRIPZ product manuals).