How can I find the sequence of a Human ORFeome clone from the Vidal collection?

In order to find the sequence of a Human ORFeome clone, search our gene query using the clone ID or catalog number of your clone. The accession associated with the clone represents the 5' end sequence performed by the Vidal lab to confirm that the ORF from the MGC clone template was present. If you click on this accession, the resulting description will read: "Full Length cDNA from the Mammalian Gene Collection Homo sapiens cDNA 5- similar to _________" and will then list a BC accession. If you take this accession, enter it into NCBI and search for the corresponding nucleotide result, you will find the coding sequence information for the MGC clone from which the Human ORFeome clone was created. The Human ORFeome clone contains the coding sequence from the MGC clone, with the stop codon removed. To view this coding sequence for the MGC clone, click on the "CDS" link in blue on the left side of the BC accession result. This is the CDS or ORF of the MGC clone, and the Human ORFeome clone contains this sequence, minus the stop codon.