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    New Products from Dharmacon

    Learn more about Dharmacon's new products and how they can support your research needs.

    • Edit-R CRISPRa synthetic crRNA

      Offering coverage of the human and mouse genomes, these synthetic RNAs are modified for nuclease resistance and available as pools of four or individual crRNA reagents.

    • Edit-R CRISPRa Lentiviral sgRNA

      Lentiviral particles or glycerol stocks of single guide RNA are predesigned for genome-wide coverage of human and mouse genes in an optimized vector backbone.

    • Edit-R dCas9-VPR

      Lentiviral particles, purified plasmid or mRNA that express nuclease-deactivated Cas9 fused to transcriptional activators. When complexed with a guide RNA will trigger an endogenous gene’s expression.

    • shMIMIC Lentiviral microRNA

      Expressed lentiviral microRNAs multiple promoter and reporter options for expression of mature microRNAs; available as high-titer lentiviral particles and glycerol stocks.

    • shMIMIC Inducible Lentiviral microRNA

      The industry's most innovative mature microRNA expression system combined with latest generation of powerful Tet-inducible technology; available as high-titer lentiviral particles and glycerol stocks.

    • Edit-R Cas9 Nuclease mRNA

      Purified Cas9 mRNA for transient Cas9 Nuclease expression. Fluorescent options available for sorting, enrichment and visualization of delivery.

    • Edit-R Arrayed Lentiviral sgRNA Libraries

      Arrayed collections of lentiviral sgRNA libraries for high-throughput knockout screening across entire human gene families.

    • Edit-R HDR Plasmid Donor Kits

      Rapidly and easily assemble a plasmid donor for HDR.

    • Preclinical scale and OEM RNA & DNA synthesis

      Quality custom oligonucleotides for research and preclinical applications.