• Cherry-pick Library Loader

    Visit the Cherry-pick Libraries Workflow page to learn more about options for building a custom library of our predesigned synthetic products lines of siRNA, microRNA, and crRNA reagents.

    Visit the Cherry-pick Clone Libraries Workflow page to learn more about building a custom library of lentiviral shRNA, sgRNA, cDNA, or ORF glycerol stocks.

    Begin here to turn your gene list into a custom library!

    1. Choose the desired product type from the drop-down list
    2. Select the type of identifier you will provide
    3. Add the identifiers in the space provided, one per line, or a comma-delimited list
    4. If using Gene Symbols, you may select a single Species from the drop-down menu to restrict the results to your species of interest
    5. Click "Next".

    Quick Tip: How to Import Gene Symbols into Excel
    Avoid common mistakes when creating a gene list file to upload - watch this video!



    Help Tooltip
    Product type Identifier type Description Example
    Gene ID The Gene ID is a unique identifying number for each gene in the RefSeq database and tends to be the most stable gene identifier.
    • 672
    • 22421
    • 8123
    Gene symbol The Gene symbol can be the official or alternate symbol as displayed on NCBI Gene.
    • BRCA1
    • Cdk1
    • PWAR5
    microRNA miRBase ID The miRBase ID, or mature name, will uniquely identify a mature microRNA. Dashes are required.
    • hsa-let-7d-5p
    • mmu-mir-122-5p
    • hsa-miR-3613-3p
    miRBase mature accession miRBase accession numbers are the most stable identifiers for microRNA.
    Enter the mature, not the precursor accession.
    • MIMAT0000065
    • MIMAT0000246
    • MIMAT0017991
    All products Dharmacon catalog number A unique identifier for every individual siRNA, SMARTpool, mimic, hairpin inhibitor, crRNA, shRNA, ORF, or cDNA reagent.
    Set of 4 catalog numbers (MU-*, MQ-*, LU-*, LQ-*, EU-*, EQ-*, RU-*) will be imported as the four component single siRNAs.
    Quantity suffixes (*-0005) will be ignored.
    • M-004935-02
    • J-048249-03
    • IH-300478-08
    • C-300478-07
    Paste, type, or upload a file of gene identifiers or catalog numbers, one per line.

    Enter Dharmacon individual siRNA catalog numbers or RNA sequence of target or siRNA sense strands, one per line
    Help Tooltip
    Seed sibling search
    Provide Dharmacon individual siRNA catalog number (D-, J-, A-, or N-) or RNA sequence of target region or siRNA sense strand (19 or 21 nt).

    Select File

    sample files

    Help Tooltip
    If Gene symbol is used as an Identifier, you may select Human or Mouse from the Species drop-down menu to narrow the search results. The default will return results for all species.
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