• Edit-R HDR Donor Designer - oligo

    This tool is for designing and ordering a single-strand DNA donor (≤ 150 nt) for precise CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing with the HDR pathway.

    To design a crRNA to cut near the genomic alteration site of interest, first use the CRISPR Design Tool.

    If you already have a guide RNA that is near the desired alteration site, enter the gene information and 20 nt guide RNA target sequence below.

    Need some additional guidance? Visit the HDR Donor Designer Workflow page to learn more.

  • Help Tooltip
    Guide RNA will be designed using selected nuclease.  
    Help Tooltip
    Protospacer adjacent motif.  For custom nuclease input 2 to 7 nt with at least 1 standard base (A,C, G or T).
    Help Tooltip
    PAM position relative to DNA target sequence.
    After target
    Help Tooltip
    Length of guide RNA target sequence.
    Help Tooltip
    Position of double-strand break on sense and antisense strands as measured from the 5' end of the sense strand.  For image see CRISPR User guide.
    Help Tooltip
    Repeat sequence of the guide RNA (added to the target sequence in synthesis).
    Help Tooltip
    Position of repeat sequence relative to the target sequence of guide RNA.
    Repeat is 3'