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    CRISPR-Cas9 Screening Libraries

    Pooled sgRNA or arrayed crRNA for high-throughput gene editing studies

    Investigation of entire gene families or biological pathways is enabled by our broad suite of custom and pre-defined libraries of CRISPR-Cas9 reagents. Both pooled and arrayed screens can take advantage of our algorithm-optimized guide RNA designs for high functionality and superior specificity.


    The Dharmacon Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9 platform includes predesigned, ready-to-use guide RNAs to enable rapid assessment of multiple targets across many genes. The application of this platform is greatly expanded by our offering of arrayed crRNA libraries and pooled lentiviral libraries. Both products enable unbiased, powerful loss-of-function screens.

    Edit-R crRNA Libraries

    • Edit-R predesigned crRNA are selected by the Edit-R algorithm as highly functional and specific to their target sequences for more robust, reliable gene knockout
    • Four unique crRNA designs per gene, provided as individuals or a pooled reagent, delivering robust gene knockout for high-confidence phenotypic results
    • Conveniently arrayed in 96-well or 384-well plates and offered as gene family collections. Echo-qualified 384-well plates are available upon request.
    • Also available as crRNA cherry-pick libraries; simply upload your own gene list and customize your plates

    Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNA Arrayed Screening Libraries

    • Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNA are selected by the Edit-R algorithm as highly functional and specific to their target sequences for more robust, reliable gene knockout
    • Up to four unique sgRNA designs per gene, providing multiple data points for increased experimental confidence and stratification of results
    • Conveniently arrayed in 96-well plates of E. coli glycerol stocks and offered as gene family collections
    • Plasmids can be isolated and delivered directly to cells or packaged into lentiviral particles for more difficult cell types

    Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNA Pooled Screening Libraries

    • Pools of specific, algorithm-designed lentiviral sgRNA targeting hundreds or thousands of genes supplied as high-titer, concentrated lentiviral particles (minimum titer of ≥ 5 x 108 TU/mL)
    • 5 to 10 sgRNAs per gene for increased hit confidence and comprehensive genome screening
    • Over 400 positive and negative sgRNA controls in each pool facilitates inter- and intra-pool normalization
    • Enough lentiviral particle volumes provided to perform quality screens at the high average sgRNA fold representation necessary for increased hit confidence and greater biological reproducibility

    CRISPR-Cas9 Screening Library Products

    Synthetic Guide RNA

    • Edit-R crRNA Libraries

      Plated pre-defined collections of popular human and mouse gene families for arrayed knockout screening

    • Cherry-pick crRNA libraries

      Customize and order plates of predesigned crRNA for knockout studies for your targets of interest

    • Edit-R tracrRNA

      The Edit-R trans-activating CRISPR RNA (tracrRNA) is a chemically synthesized and HPLC-purified long RNA required for use with synthetic crRNA to form the complex that programs Cas9 nuclease.

    • Edit-R Synthetic sgRNA

      Custom synthetic 100-mer single guide RNA, input your own design or use our flexible design tools

    Lentiviral Guide RNA

    Selection guide

    When choosing a CRISPR-Cas9 screening platform, there are many considerations in determining the best tools for your experimental needs. Instrumentation, analytical support, and assay type(s) must all be taken into account.

    Supporting data

    Successful screening with CRISPR-Cas9 reagents is highly dependent on the efficiency of gene editing achieved. Both the Edit-R crRNA Libraries and Pooled sgRNA Screening Libraries benefit from the Edit-R algorithm, which selects for highly functional designs.

    Available Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNA Arrayed Libraries

    Human sgRNA Libraries - arrayed glycerol stocks # genes (approximate) Catalog #
    Human Edit-R - Druggable Genome 8061 GSGH11761
    Human Edit-R - Drug Targets 3814 GSGH11848
    Human Edit-R - G Protein-coupled Receptors 382 GSGH11763
    Human Edit-R - Ion channels 345 GSGH11764
    Human Edit-R - Phosphatases 247 GSGH11767
    Human Edit-R - Proteases 473 GSGH11768
    Human Edit-R - Protein Kinases 704 GSGH11769
    Human Edit-R - Transcription Factors 1505 GSGH11855
    Human Edit-R - Ubiquitin Conjugation 590 GSGH11772

    Available Edit-R crRNA Libraries

    Human crRNA Libraries - Set of 4 # genes (approximate) Catalog #
    Human Edit-R - Apoptosis 446 GC-003900-xx
    Human Edit-R - Cell Cycle Regulation 169 GC-003200-xx
    Human Edit-R - Cytokine Receptors 110 GC-004000-xx
    Human Edit-R - Deubiquitinating Enzymes 98 GC-004700-xx
    Human Edit-R - DNA Damage Response 240 GC-006000-xx
    Human Edit-R - Drug Targets 3686 GC-004650-xx
    Human Edit-R - Druggable Genome 7995 GC-004600-xx
    Human Edit-R - Epigenetics 835 GC-006100-xx
    Human Edit-R - G Protein-coupled Receptors 384 GC-003600-xx
    Human Edit-R - Genome ~18,500 GC-005000-xx
    Human Edit-R - Ion channels 345 GC-003800-xx
    Human Edit-R - Membrane Trafficking 140 GC-005500-xx
    Human Edit-R - Nuclear Receptors 52 GC-003400-xx
    Human Edit-R - Phosphatases 247 GC-003700-xx
    Human Edit-R - Proteases 473 GC-005100-xx
    Human Edit-R - Protein Kinases 703 GC-003500-xx
    Human Edit-R - Transcription Factors 1529 GC-005800-xx
    Human Edit-R - Tyrosine Kinases 85 GC-003100-xx
    Human Edit-R - Ubiquitin Enzymes 650 GC-006200-xx
    Mouse crRNA Libraries - Set of 4 # genes (approximate) Catalog #
    Mouse Edit-R - Cell Cycle Regulation 105 GC-013200-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Cytokine Receptors 158 GC-014000-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Deubiquitinating Enzymes 68 GC-014700-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Epigenetics 729 GC-016100-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - GProtein-coupled Receptors 515 GC-013600-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Ion Channels 340 GC-013800-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Membrane Trafficking 113 GC-015500-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Nuclear Receptors 46 GC-013400-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Phosphatases 273 GC-013700-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Proteases 540 GC-015100-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Protein Kinases 715 GC-013500-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Transcription Factors 1440 GC-015800-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Tyrosine Kinases 85 GC-013100-xx
    Mouse Edit-R - Ubiquitin Enzymes 591 GC-016200-xx