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    Lentiviral sgRNA

    Single guide RNA powered by lentiviral vectors

    Choose from our guaranteed predesigned human, mouse, or rat sgRNA products to take advantage of our proprietary Edit-R algorithm to improve functionality and specificity, or design your own guide RNA to meet your particular needs.

    • Transduction-ready lentiviral particles for effective gene editing in difficult-to-transfect cells
    • Enrich transduced cells with Puromycin selection for longer-term studies
    • Pooled screening libraries for analysis of large gene collections without extensive automation


    The Edit-R Lentiviral Gene Engineering platform includes two critical components based on the natural S. pyogenes system: a vector for Cas9 expression and a gene-specific vector for sgRNA expression designed to the target site of interest. Edit-R Lentiviral single guide RNA (sgRNA) reagents simplify the workflow of permanently knocking out genes by eliminating the time-consuming cloning and lentiviral packaging of individual guide RNA expression vectors. Our approach includes predesigned or custom ready-to-use sgRNA lentiviral particles which enable gene editing experiments in difficult-to-transfect cells.

    In contrast to the two-RNA system of Edit-R synthetic crRNA and tracrRNA, the sgRNA expresses both as a single chimeric transcript.

    Lentiviral sgRNA Products

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      Place a custom guide RNA order, or design and order your own synthetic sgRNA, crRNA, or lentiviral sgRNA with our easy-to-use interface.

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