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    Customized online ordering solutions

    Our eProcurement punchout solutions connect your institution’s eProcurement system with the Dharmacon web site. Ordering processes are simplified while allowing researchers full access to gene-specific product searches, biological information and product customization.

    By leveraging our B2B solution, you can gain access to our vast product selection, save time placing orders and ensure orders are appropriately routed through your institution’s procurement system. We can integrate with various marketplace vendors such as Jaggaer (formerly known as SciQuest), IntraMalls, Ariba, Science Warehouse, Proactis, and Oracle.

    Procurement professionals

    • Save time and reduce administrative burden
    • Eliminate manual orders and implement internal order approval processes
    • Receive email notifications, real-time order status updates and electronic invoices

    End users

    • Take advantage of the advanced gene-specific search and product configuration options including custom plating, custom synthesis
    • Access rich biological information resources including gene information, biological pathways and gene networks

    Contact our integration team to learn more about your options and start an integration in a few easy steps.

    Our website holds over 100 million gene-specific products including CRISPR gene editing, RNAi: siRNA, shRNA, gene expression: cDNA, ORF, custom product configuration, custom plating configuration, and interactive biological tools for experimental planning and research.

    Our PunchOut solution allows you to take advantage of all of these capabilities from within your institution’s procurement system.

    Why PunchOut?

    • Streamlined procurement process
    • Reduced administrative burden
    • Improved budget management/approval routing
    • Scientific product selection & configuration
    • Biological experimental design
    • User satisfaction

    What is PunchOut?

    • Links your institutional procurement system to the Dharmacon website
    • Users select gene-specific products and use custom product configuration tools
    • Upon checkout, orders are routed back to the institutional procurement system for approval and processing

    *Our Marketplace Vendors include, but are not limited to:

    • Jaggaer (formerly known as SciQuest)
    • IntraMalls
    • Ariba
    • Science Warehouse
    • Oracle
    • Proactis
    • GHX Nederland
    • Perfect Commerce

    The integration process can be fast and easy!

    To find out more or to speak to a member of our eProcurement punchout team contact us using the form below:

    • Complete the eProcurement form to connect with our eProcurement team and receive additional information about the process.
    • or

    • Have your eprocurement vendor contact us.
      • Directly contact the platform of your choice to initiate an eProcurement integration with Dharmacon.
      • Some of the platforms, such as SciQuest and IntraMalls, request a ticket be submitted in the respective platform so a project can form and a project manager can be assigned to initiate the integration.
      • Marketplace Vendors can also work directly with our Integration Team to initiate an eProcurement relationship.

    eProcurement End User Overview

    Learn more about punchout setup, ordering predesigned and configurable items, using the quick cart, review our shopping cart and promotion functionality.