Danio rerio ORFs, cDNAs, and ESTs are available from the ORFeome Collaboration, Zebrafish Gene Collection (ZGC), Exelixis Zebrafish cDNA Collection, and IMCB.

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ZGC Fully Sequenced Zebrafish cDNA Collection
MDR3952 glycerol stock - Inquireselect
ZGC Fully Sequenced Zebrafish cDNA
MDR1734 glycerol stock - $115.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Zebrafish cDNA (IRQL)
MDR4775 glycerol stock - $115.00select
MGC Fully Sequenced Zebrafish cDNA (IRQM)
MDR4778 glycerol stock - $115.00select
NEI Zebrafish clone
EDR4009 glycerol stock - $99.00select
Zebrafish cDNA clone
EDR1052 glycerol stock - $68.00select
Zebrafish EST cDNA (Exelixis) clone
EDR4422 glycerol stock - $99.00select
Zebrafish ZGC PCR-Rescued cDNA clone
EDR5649 glycerol stock - $99.00select
ORFeome Collaboration Zebrafish Clone
ODR5433 glycerol stock - $376.00select
Danio reio, commonly known as Zebrafish, is an important model organism in biology research. The well characterized growth cycle and fully sequenced genome of D. rerio has made it a useful subject for researchers studying vertebrate development and the genes responsible for this complex biological process. Potential applications for Zebrafish products include protein expression experiments, gene discovery, and genome mapping.


  • Gateway®-adapted ORFs: more than 1900 fully-sequenced, unique ORFs are available from the ORFeome Collaboration
  • Full ORF cDNA clones: The Zebrafish Genome Collection (ZGC), contains > 16,000 full ORF clones
  • ESTs: IMAGE, NEI Bank, and Exelixis Zebrafish cDNA Clones provide more than 600,000 searchable ESTs
  • Singapore's Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) collection contains over 15,000 unique zebrafish EST clusters from two cDNA libraries


Dharmacon is a distributor of multiple gene expression clone collections (cDNAs and ORFs). These clone collections were generated by groups outside of Dharmacon and thus the quality of the collections is largely dependent upon what Dharmacon received from these groups. Specific clone information and plate coordinates were provided to Dharmacon by the suppliers of these clone collections. Dharmacon has not sequence verified each individual clone from these collections. These collections and individual clones are distributed "as is" with no additional product validation or guarantees. Dharmacon has established quality procedures to ensure that individual clones are picked from the identified well in a plate, grown on the correct antibiotic, and are free of phage contamination. Due to the quality of the information provided to Dharmacon, the clone you receive might not match the expected clone. If this occurs, please contact Technical Support.

All clones and plates are provided as glycerol stocks. Individual strains are shipped at room temperature. Plates are shipped on dry ice. Both should be stored at -80ºC.

Shipping ConditionAmbient,Frozen Gel Packs,Dry Ice
Stability at Recommended Storage ConditionsAt least 12 months
Storage Condition-80 C

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