ORFeome Collaboration Clones

ORFeome Collaboration Clones are fully-sequenced human open reading frames (ORFs) subcloned into Gateway-entry vectors and are available with or without native stop codons.

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ORFeome Collaboration Mouse Clone
OMM4760 glycerol stock - $373.00select
ORFeome Collaboration Human Clone (without native stop codon) glycerol
OHS5894 glycerol stock - $372.00select
ORFeome Collaboration Human Clone (with native stop codon) glycerol
OHS5893 glycerol stock - $372.00select
ORFeome Collaboration Mouse Clone (without native stop codon) glycerol
OMM5896 glycerol stock - $373.00select
ORFeome Collaboration Mouse Clone (with native stop codon) glycerol
OMM5895 glycerol stock - $373.00select

The ORFeome Collaboration (OC) is a group of academic and commercial laboratories that was formed to develop an unrestricted source of sequence-validated human open reading frame (ORF) clones. This collaboration of commercial and academic researchers has created a collection of fully-sequenced ORFs that will represent all curated genes in the human genome. These clones are verified to have a full-length ORF and are easily transferable into any Gateway-adapted expression vector. Additional clones for this expanding collection are offered as they become available.

Dharmacon is a major distributor for the OC, providing individual clones, gene family libraries and whole-genome collections to academic and commercial customers.

Using the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) cDNA clones as starting material, the OC has been able to create over 10,000 full-length human ORF clones, making significant progress toward the goal of providing at least one ORF for each of the ~18,500 defined human genes.


  • Fully-sequenced human open reading frames
  • Gateway-adapted ORFs allow for efficient transfer into a variety of compatible expression vectors
  • Inclusion of native stop codons allows for expression of native proteins
  • Removal of stop codons allows for expression of C-terminal fusion proteins
ORFeome Collaboration - Serving the research community with Human ORF clones


Dharmacon is a distributor of multiple gene expression clone collections (cDNAs and ORFs). These clone collections were generated by groups outside of Dharmacon and thus the quality of the collections is largely dependent upon what Dharmacon received from these groups. Specific clone information and plate coordinates were provided to Dharmacon by the suppliers of these clone collections. Dharmacon has not sequence verified each individual clone from these collections. These collections and individual clones are distributed "as is" with no additional product validation or guarantees. Dharmacon has established quality procedures to ensure that individual clones are picked from the identified well in a plate, grown on the correct antibiotic, and are free of phage contamination. Due to the quality of the information provided to Dharmacon, the clone you receive might not match the expected clone. If this occurs, please contact Technical Support.

Shipping ConditionFrozen Gel Packs,Dry Ice
Stability at Recommended Storage ConditionsAt least 12 months
Storage Condition-80 C

Individual Clones

Clones are provided as a live culture in a 2mL tube. Each tube contains LB medium supplemented with 8%glycerol and the appropriate antibiotic. Within 2 to 3 business days of receiving your order, we will ship your clone at room temperature via express delivery. Store the stock clone at –80°C.

Bulk Orders

Orders of 50 clones or greater and stock plates will be provided in 96-well microtiter plates. These will ship on dry-ice via overnight delivery and should be stored at –80°C immediately upon receipt. Please contact our customer service department for a quote and estimated shipping time on bulk orders.


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