ORFeome Collaboration Collection

ORFeome Collaboration (OC) clones are fully-sequenced ORFs in Gateway recombinational entry vectors. OC clones are available with and without stop codons.


  • Genome-scale ORF collection
  • Easily transferable into any Gateway-adapted expression vector
  • Available with and without stop codons
  • ORFeome Collaboration Clones

    ORFeome Collaboration Clones are fully-sequenced human open reading frames (ORFs) subcloned into Gateway-entry vectors and are available with or without native stop codons.

  • ORFeome Collaboration Library

    The ORFeome Collaboration Libraries contain fully sequenced, genome-scale human and mouse open reading frame (ORF) libraries cloned into Gateway-entry vectors.

  • Cherry-pick Clone Libraries

    Choose from our predesigned product lines of shRNA and over-expression reagents to build your own custom library.

Mammalian ORFs