• Edit-R SAM tracrRNA

    Edit-R SAM tracrRNA

    A synthetic MS2-containing tracrRNA for transcriptional activation with the dCas9-SAM system

    A synthetic SAM tracrRNA optimized for functionality

    CRISPR activation (CRISPRa) is a repurposed use of the Streptococcus pyogenes CRISPR-Cas9 system. Review our CRISPRa applications page to get an overview of the technology. In the synergistic activation mediator (SAM)1 activation system, fusion proteins dCas9-VP64 and MS2-p65-HSF1 are used in combination with an MS2 aptamer-modified guide RNA to facilitate binding of the MS2-p65-HSF1 activating module. Published expressed versions of this SAM guide RNA contain two MS2 aptamers. Synthetic versions of SAM guide RNA are challenging to synthesize, because an analogous SAM sgRNA or SAM tracrRNA would be 158 and 141 nucleotides respectively. Taking advantage of Horizon Discovery’s long RNA synthesis and optimization capabilities, we have developed a synthetic SAM tracrRNA that contains a single MS2 aptamer sequence on stem loop 2 (Figure 1). When used with gene-specific Edit-R CRISPRa crRNA and Edit-R CRISPRa crRNA arrayed libraries, Edit-R SAM tracrRNA abundantly recruits the MS2-p65-HSF1 fusion to the transcriptional start site (TSS) to initiate activation. Edit-R CRISPRa guide RNA designs come from a published CRISPRa v2 algorithm based on machine learning2 and enable robust over-expression of your gene(s) of interest.

    Robust gene activation with synthetic SAM tracrRNA

    We have assessed the activation of synthetic crRNA and SAM tracrRNA by measuring the transcriptional fold activation for six genes of interest (Figure 2). U2OS and A375 cells stably expressing the SAM activation system (dCas9-VP64 and MS2-p65-HSF1) were transfected with synthetic SAM tracrRNA and Edit-R CRISPRa pooled crRNA using DharmaFECT transfection reagents. Cells were harvested 72 hours post-transfection and the relative gene expression was measured using RT-qPCR. Robust activation ranging from 17 to almost 10,000-fold was observed for all six genes in both cell lines.

    SAM-mediated transcriptional activation with synthetic crRNA: SAM tracrRNA versus expressed SAM sgRNA

    All publications to date for SAM-mediated activation have utilized expressed SAM sgRNA. We investigated how levels of activation compare when using synthetic crRNA: SAM tracrRNA, SAM sgRNA plasmid, or SAM sgRNA lentiviral particles. When SAM tracrRNA is combined with a single crRNA, it can be used to effectively induce short-term overexpression at levels comparable to, or better than, SAM sgRNA expression from commonly used plasmid and lentiviral delivery methods (Figure 3). A synthetic crRNA: SAM tracrRNA option also has some key benefits including:

    • Use in arrayed screening
    • Use in short term assays
    • No cloning, sequencing, or in vitro transcription required
    • Ability to combine individual crRNA into a pool for robust activation

    Multiple crRNA per gene improves activation

    When Edit-R SAM tracrRNA is complexed with an individual Edit-R CRISPRa crRNA, robust activation is achieved. When complexed with multiple Edit-R CRISPRa crRNAs targeting a single gene, enhanced activation levels can be achieved (Figure 4). Overall, pooling is a good strategy if maximal gene activation is desired, or if it is beneficial to decrease the scale of an experiment, for example, when performing analysis of multiple genes in an arrayed plate format.

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    • Edit-R SAM tracrRNA

      Chemically synthesized SAM tracrRNA for use with synthetic crRNA for fast and easy gene activation in stable cells containing the SAM transcriptional activation system.

    • Edit-R CRISPRa crRNA Libraries

      Arrayed collections of synthetic CRISPR RNA for overexpression screening of gene families, druggable, and whole human genome.

    • Edit-R CRISPRa crRNA

      Predesigned synthetic guide RNA for over-expression of human and mouse genes using CRISPR activation. Just search for your gene! Available as pooled or individual reagents.

    • Edit-R CRISPRa Positive crRNA Controls

      Validated synthetic crRNA pool or individual for experimental optimization of transcription activation experiments.

    • Edit-R CRISPRa crRNA Non-targeting Controls

      Non-targeting controls to evaluate baseline cellular responses to CRISPRa components in the absence of gene target-specific crRNA.

    • Cherry-pick Libraries

      Begin here to turn your gene list into a custom library!

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    1. S. Konermann et al., Genome-scale transcriptional activation by an engineered CRISPR-Cas9 complex. Nature. 517, 583–588 (2015).
    2. M. A. Horlbeck et al., Compact and highly active next-generation libraries for CRISPR-mediated gene repression and activation. eLife. 5, e19760 (2016).