• 5 steps to a stable Cas9-expressing cell line

    It’s easy with Edit-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 products!

    Cas9-expressing cell line creation for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing.

    Using Edit-R Lentiviral Cas9 nuclease particles, you can generate cell lines stably expressing Cas9 nuclease in only a few steps.

    • Step 1:

      Plate cells in a 24-well plate in growth medium and incubate overnight

    • Step 2:

      Thaw the Edit-R Lentiviral Cas9 particles and mix them into transduction medium

    • Step 3:

      Add the transduction medium containing the lentiviral particles to your plated cells and incubate

    • Step 4:

      24-48 hours post-transduction, begin antibiotic selection by replacing the medium with medium containing blasticidin

    • Step 5:

      Once the antibiotic selection is complete and cells are growing normally, expand them and freeze a sufficient number of aliquots for your downstream gene editing experiments

    You can choose to perform clonal isolation and characterization, or simply utilize the mixed population Cas9 cell line for gene knockout screening with Edit-R Lentiviral sgRNA Pooled Libraries or arrayed Edit-R crRNA Libraries.

    If you need control over the timing of Cas9 expression, or are concerned about cellular changes from constitutive expression, try Edit-R Inducible Lentiviral Cas9 Nuclease for straightforward on/off control with the Tet-on 3G system.

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